6 Different ways to Use Cooked Rice for a Variety of Tasty Meals

Here are some alternative ways to use cooked rice:

----Italian rice: Add diced fresh or canned tomaties and a dash of basil and oregano leaves to cooked rice. Heat and Serve.

----Russian rice: Season cooked rice with bottled Russian dressing. Heat and Serve.

----Garden rice: No matter how small the amount, add lefover vegetables (peas, corn, beans) to cooked rice. Heat and Serve.


----Rice for lamb: Season rice with garlic salt instead of plain salt, using the amount given on the package. Before serving, stir in chopped fresh mint or dried mint leaves.

---- Sweet rice: Heat coooked rice wth milk and add a little sugar.

----B.L.T rice: Stir crumbled cooked bacon, shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes into rice.