Iran’s Embassy in Syria Called the Key

United Press International

An Israeli newspaper asserted Thursday that the Iranian Embassy in Syria is “the mastermind” behind a recent wave of airline hijackings by Lebanese Shia Muslims.

The respected Haaretz newspaper, in a report by military affairs correspondent Zev Schiff, said “terror experts” are the source of his information, but he did not identify them further.

“The Iranian Embassy in Damascus is the mastermind behind Shia terror in Lebanon,” Schiff said, reporting that the diplomatic mission “runs, advises and organizes the activities” of extremist groups, supplying them with arms, ammunition, funds and logistical support.

“Syria knows what’s going on,” Schiff’s story said. “It does not view Iran’s excessive involvement in Lebanon favorably and has even tried to reach an agreement with it on the matter.


“From time to time, the agreement is broken and Syria acquiesces in the situation. Thus, Damascus should be held responsible for what is happening,” Schiff wrote.

Schiff is co-author of the book “Israel’s Lebanon War,” considered a definitive account of Israel’s invasion of Lebanon.

Other Israeli analysts have said that any of a variety of Iranian-inspired Shia groups could be behind the hijackings.