Yorba Linda : Council Approves Budget With No New Programs

With an extra $1.4 million in the city's coffers yet to be allocated, City Council members have approved an $11.9-million budget for 1985-86.

That budget includes no new programs or services, Assistant City Manager Bruce Channing said. A supplemental $1.4-million budget that will finance capital improvements and ongoing maintenance will be voted on in a couple of months, City Manager Art Simonian said.

The extra money comes from a percentage of property taxes levied by the county and returned to the city.

The most significant change in the 1985-86 budget is the acquisition of the Yorba Linda City Library Fund after the library district dissolves July 1, Channing said.

"They were finding it difficult to make ends meet," Channing said. The library will not be a drain on the city, Channing said, because the city will pick up the portion of the property tax revenues alloted previously to the library district.

The city officials will vote next month on the city Redevelopment Agency's $9.86-million budget, most of which is targeted toward attracting an automobile center.

"Auto centers are probably the highest sales-tax generating business cities have located within their boundaries," Channing said.

City officials estimate the $7-million auto center project could generate between $750,000 and $1 million annually to the city, Channing said.

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