Satanic Rites Report May Be ‘Big Fairy Tale’

United Press International

A report that prompted extensive excavations for human sacrifices committed by satanic worshipers may have been a “big fairy tale,” authorities said Friday.

No human bodies were unearthed Friday, although authorities discovered several objects that they said were related to cults and their ceremonies.

Digging at the Spencer Township location 15 miles west of Toledo ended Friday evening, but Lt. Kirk Surprise of the Lucas County sheriff’s office said: “We’ll go back and try to gather more intelligence.”

Surprise and department spokesman Marvin Reams said they doubted that they would find any of the 50 to 60 bodies that Sheriff James Telb said may be buried there.


“I would just assume this thing all will turn out to be a big fairy tale,” Surprise said.

Authorities began digging Thursday near several abandoned buildings and in wooded areas and fields along two abandoned roads. The search was based on information that they said came from three unrelated sources and their own surveillance.