Denial of Funds for Anaheim Program Labeled Racism

Racism is alive and well in Anaheim and is being fed a sturdy diet by the Community Services Board, Mayor Don Roth and members of the City Council (Orange County Digest, June 19).

This is a sad affair not only for Anaheim but for Orange County. While the county struggles to attract new and clean industry, incidents such as the outright callousness displayed by the Community Services Board, the mayor and members of the City Council (in their handling of the sickle cell program) undermine such efforts.

It's one thing to be wrong and then correct the situation when the truth is discovered. It's another thing to be wrong, know that you are wrong and then lie about it. This is exactly what happened in the handling of the sickle cell program proposal. The Community Services Board was in error when it stated that UCIMC (UCI Medical Center) and the Orange County public health department provided the services offered by the sickle cell program. When the board was provided with the truth, it chose not to inform the council.

On May 14, the mayor, city manager and members of the City Council were each given a copy of the letter of appeal, which provided them with key persons' names and phone numbers at UCIMC and the Orange County public health department. None of them thought it was important enough to have it checked out.

It was not a question of money. Anyone who attended the hearing or read about it saw the council come up with additional monies over and above the Community Services Board's recommendations.

To add insult to injuries, the chairperson of the Community Services Board suggested that the black residents of Anaheim could journey down to Santa Ana to be educated and tested since the City of Santa Ana provided such services to its black population. This type of bigotry hurts all of Orange County. Isn't it about time all of the well-meaning people spoke up?


Mission Viejo

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