Farm Workers

Your editorial (June 13), "Against the Short-Handled Hoe," was good, but could have been better. The Times could have mentioned why a state agency is wasting taxpayer money to reconsider a 10-year-old decision by the state Supreme Court. Our money would be better spent if Cal OSHA instead used the time investigating the unsafe use of pesticides by the agricultural industry. For instance, Cal OSHA might want to look at exactly why thousands of accidental pesticide poisonings take place each year affecting thousands of farm workers and their families.

Finally, Cal OSHA may want to also investigate why the agriculture industry, only after mining and construction work, has the highest rate of accidental work-related deaths every year. We city dwellers think that agricultural work is not a dangerous occupation, but then why do the death statistics show otherwise? Cal OSHA, stop wasting time and taxpayer money!


Los Angeles

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