Videotape From Beirut Shows 8 Grim Hostages

Associated Press

Eight grim hostages from TWA Flight 847, seen on a videotape received by U.S. television networks Monday, said they are well and hope to be released soon.

“I’m looking forward to being home with my family as soon as possible,” said hostage Robert Peel Jr., 33, of Hutchinson, Kan.

“I feel OK. I feel fine,” said Steve Willett, 36, of Thibodaux, La. “I hope to see my family and friends soon.”

On the poor-quality videotape, the hostages apparently were answering questions from one of their captors, who asked each if he was being treated well. Each assented, without visible enthusiasm, and few smiles were seen.


Four hostages were seen but did not speak.

CBS News said the tape, which ran less than seven minutes, was obtained from the Shia Muslims’ Amal militia Monday afternoon. It was also made available to NBC, ABC and Cable News Network. All four networks broadcast the tape or portions of it Monday evening.