Owners of the historic Kregmont estate, on a hilltop just outside Glendora's northern boundary, have agreed to a city request that they stop renting the site for weddings and parties. The agreement was reached after neighbors on Kregmont Drive and nearby streets complained of heavy traffic, litter and noise caused by guests.

Neighbors also said using the estate for commercial purposes in a residential area violated city law. Konradt Bartlam, Glendora assistant city planner, said that even though the estate is in county territory, the streets leading to it are in Glendora and the city was concerned about traffic and fire safety on the narrow, winding roads. The owners, Henri Becker and Susan McGregor, agreed to the city's requests, Bartlam said.

Kregmont is a mission-style house with a 10,000-square-foot living room and adjoining rooms and servants' quarters surrounding a large courtyard. It was built on six acres in the 1920s and, after having several owners, it stood vacant for several months until Becker and McGregor bought it early this year. Becker said he had no comment on the agreement with the city.

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