Divestiture in South Africa

While I am an anti-apartheid person, I cannot go along with the boycotting. My family and I have traveled in South Africa and other more deprived areas in Africa. The deprived areas get much of their food from South Africa. The other areas of Africa are experiencing great famine and economic hardship. This boycott will increase the hardships more for the black than the white. Because of these economic sanctions, they will be hungry.

With all of our progress in this country, and intellectuals--especially the educational intellectuals--surely, they can find ways to get the message across to the "powers that be" in Durbin, etc. Using the world conscience in keeping aware, alert and critical of the injustices there, should undoubtedly result in change. While very slow change is not acceptable and results in no change, let's put pressure for change in all of Africa.

Using the "Golden Rule", let us "feed the hungry." Boycotting South Africa, causing economic problems, means hunger. Not traveling there means ignorance, and no opportunity to let your voice be heard. Let us urge our legislators to travel there, to communicate with and to invite their leaders, black and white, over here.



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