Divestiture in South Africa

I have been a guest in South Africa several times and made friends both black and white and I find it interesting to see how young people now--as well as in the 1960s--are so easily manipulated. No one seems to pay any attention to the devastating effect of what divestiture would have on that country.

The leader of the largest and strongest groups of blacks in South Africa, the Zulus, has been pleading for someone to listen, saying that there would be thousands and thousands of jobs lost--virtually all jobs filled by blacks--should such divestiture occur. American companies are the only entities effectively fighting apartheid. If I were a Communist, I couldn’t think of a more effective place to stir up trouble.

I don’t even intimate that all of our protesting students are Marxists, but it is a cinch as to who will benefit from more and more unemployment in that unhappy situation known as apartheid.

The pictures in your paper showing chanting and clench-fisted students indicate only one thing to me: There is not enough homework being given out at UCLA and Berkeley.



Sherman Oaks