Culver City Approves Fees for Trash, Sewers, Various Utilities

The City council of Culver City Monday approved a series of taxes and fees for residential trash collection, utilities and for repair of the Hyperion sewage treatment plant.

The city contracts with the City of Los Angeles for use of Hyperion and must pay a proportionate share of the repairs demanded by the Environmental Protection Agency. The cost is passed on to Culver City residents on yearly property tax bills.

In the coming year, the sewerage--user charge will be $37.30 for a single--family home and $27.35 for an apartment or condominium. The charges were reduced by 35 and 30 cents respectively, from last year.

The council also voted to continue an 11% tax on telephone, electric, gas, water and cable television service. Councilman Paul Netzel received no support for a proposal to reduce the tax to 10%.

Finally, the council voted to increase the trash collection charge from $6.50 to $7.16 a month.

The actions take effect July 1.

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