I felt disappointed after reading Peele's article....

I felt disappointed after reading Peele's article. Peele expressed his summary thought: "The best method for deterring drunk driving, as with any misbehavior, is to persuade people that it is wrong and harmful."

Yes, his solution is an excellent follow-up to the increase of legislative and law enforcement activity directed toward the drunk driver.

The pitfall with Peele's analysis is that it's just another measure attacking the symptoms and results of the problem as opposed to the problem itself.

The root of the problem rests deeply in many of our lives. There are many in unhappy homes and unwanted and unloved children who are now adults. Their lives are so complicated as a result of hiding from scars inflicted earlier in life.

I feel the substance-abuse problem can be solved by ourselves showing more compassion and care in dealing with our families, neighbors and associates. Our government should make effective psychological programs easily available for those who need it.

Let's face it, aren't we all more threatened by the alcohol problem than Communist expansionism or Russian spy satellites?


Santa Barbara

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