'Proper Punishment'

On behalf of seniors we wish to congratulate Judge McBeth on her innovative sentencing approach in the case of Milton Avol.

We can not thank her enough to show such repeat offenders who appear to have little or no concern for humanity and treat their fellow citizens without dignity and concern.

It is hoped that Avol learns, by having to live in his own neglected slum dwelling, how not to treat others. We also sincerely hope that there is no way this person can have his attorneys, of whom he no doubt has a substantial stable full, can appeal the sentence and have it reversed or nullified by a higher court whose sitting judge may belong to the same country club as the doctor. We trust this is not possible indeed.

Seniors, the very abused segment of our society in many instances, hope that other judges who must face the voters on a regular basis, will learn from this wise ruling and treat such landlords in a similar fashion in the future.


Senior's Advocate Services

Santa Maria

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