Class Told Its Feelings in Letters and Sent Money

Here are some excerpts from the children's letters:

I'm 10 years old and my favorite interests are reading, writing, history, animals and soccer. I'm writing to you because I would like to share my feelings about Ethiopia. When we saw the telecast and all the people starving and dying, I was so moved I started to cry . . . but I decided to do something about it.

In two weeks, our class raised $104.34! If our class of 28 children could do that, just think what the whole United States could do together!

We raised money by selling punch and cookies and drawings, and we worked around the house to earn money that way. We even gave our very own allowances! I even pulled my tooth and brought the money that the tooth fairy gave me. . . . I just want everybody who reads this letter to know that they can get up and do something to help.


I earned $4.05 by drawing cartoon pictures and selling them, and more is coming in! Just imagine, if we were starving and didn't get any help! I hope others will help people in Ethiopia. "Let's Make a Miracle!"


Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am 9 years old. I feel so sad when I see how those people are suffering and dying. One 10-year-old girl died because her throat got paralyzed. Our class is trying to help and I wish that many others will help, too.


Our class has been raising money and right now we have a total of $104.34. I think people who help should be happy for themselves because they're heroes, they're saving lives!

Some day I hope rain will come to Ethiopia and hunger will stop in the world. I hope that it comes soon!


My class and I would like our country to know that we can help the people in Africa. Our class alone earned $104.54 in nine days and more is coming in. Just five to 10 cents will keep a child alive for one day!


I have been making and selling popcorn and Kool-Aid to earn money for Ethiopia. Altogether, so far my class and I earned $151.91!


Here in California we do not have to worry about famine. But if we had no more food and we were starving, we would want somebody to help us. Everybody reading my letter, please do something to help. It made me feel good that I raised some money. I raised money by baby-sitting.


I am 10 years old and I've been selling the toys I never used. . . . Imagine the happiness there would be if the whole U.S.A. tried to help the Ethiopians. They would feel a lot better and so would we.


People are starving and a lot of them are dying every day in Ethiopia. When they get grain, they plant it in the ground so it can grow, but they can't wait that long so they dig it right up. . . . My class is bringing money every day so the Ethiopians will have enough grain to plant.


We younger people want to help but we can't save millions of people all by ourselves. This is a battle to save lives and we are hoping that many more grown-ups will want to help, too. Please think about it!


On TV, I saw people who were almost dead. Can you believe it? It's like a nightmare! We are helping by making money to send them. I cleaned the house and made five dollars. So far, we have $111.00.


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