Loiterers on the Peninsula: Parents Must Share the Blame


It’s nice to see, even once in a while, adults standing up for kids and teen-agers. Your editorial, “Youth Curfew Is No Answer,” (July 7) did just that. What we don’t need are more laws which hurt our kids more than help them.

I would also like to emphasize that the problem of loitering teen-agers lies more with their parents than with the city. As long as parents are being held liable and responsible for the actions of their children until the age of 18, then they, the parents, should assume the consequences of their children’s indiscretions. Maybe if the parents got fined once in a while, they might show a greater interest in their children’s activities and whereabouts.

Although I believe that loitering by itself should not be considered a crime, I personally detest seeing teen-agers standing idly around waiting for something to happen. Teen-agers who loiter are bored and have no other interests in life. They stand on street corners or sit on curbs waiting for trouble to come along.


Children are a product of their environment. And parents are a major component of that environment. I can’t believe that parents can’t help their kids get interested in something--anything.

Let’s put the focus where it belongs--on the parents.


La Palma