‘Too Many Contras’

The news that Nicaraguans are waiting for a U.S. invasion is only part of the effect of U.S. involvement. I returned recently from a fact-finding trip to Nicaragua, sponsored by the North American Congress on Latin America.

The U.S. funding of the contra war and economic embargo of Nicaragua is successful. Factory workers lack machinery parts. Production is way down. Schoolchildren don’t have pencils. There are serious shortages of ink, paper and books. This is dramatically affecting their literacy program.

Poultry farmers can’t get feed concentrate for their chickens so they no longer are laying eggs. Children lack protein. Because they are weak a large percentage of the children die before they reach 5 years.


There are shortages of everything. Medicine, soap, even water, hygiene and public health are in serious jeopardy.

The Sandinista government is turning more and more to the Soviet Union for the necessities of life. Congratulations!

But, these successes are really our defeat. As a country we are losing our foundation of morality and self-respect. And, we are creating a haven for Soviet aggression.


Mill Valley