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A member of the Norwegian Parliament Sunday nominated Bob Geldof for the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize for masterminding the Live Aid rock concert to help relieve famine in Africa.

In a letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, which awards the Peace Prize, Social Democratic Parliamentarian Sissel Ronbeck Sunday nominated Geldof for "his unique effort to save suffering Africans."

"He has engaged millions across the continents and over power blocs in a concrete effort for peace and development. He has mobilized the grownups of the future to realize the motto for the United Nation's international youth year: Participation, development and peace," Ronbeck wrote in her letter of nomination.

Tom Torney, a member of the British Parliament, also has said he would nominate Geldof for the Nobel Peace Prize, which is announced in October and consists of a gold medal and $210,000.

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