Police Arrest Three in Weapons Case

Police arrested three people in connection with the manufacture and sale of handgun silencers.

Police said they found a silencer, parts that could be used in silencers and plans for making silencers at the home of Thomas Alvin Sullivan, 31, in ElCajon. They found two more silencers, several rifles and handguns, more parts and plans at Sullivan's business, Custom Tred Engineering, in Santee.

Police said Sullivan and an accomplice, Bradley Frank Hopkins, 26, of El Cajon, had stolen the parts and equipment from a manufacturing analysis firm where they worked, Datagraphics of El Cajon.

Sullivan and Hopkins were booked on suspicion of possession of silencers, possession of stolen property and conspiracy to possess silencers. They were released from County Jail on $5,000 bond.

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