Nelson Helps Buds Douse Fire, 26-22

Special to The Times

Struggling Todd Nelson won his first match of the season Wednesday night, defeating Ben Testerman, 6-3, to lead the San Diego Buds to a 26-22 TeamTennis victory over the Chicago Fire in Chicago.

Nelson got 73% of his first serves in against Testerman, who was the league's No. 1-ranked singles player going into the match. His play gave the Buds a 20-18 lead going into the final match of the evening, mixed doubles. Mary Lou Piatek and Butch Walts wrapped up the Buds' fourth victory in five matches with a 6-4 win over Terry Holladay and Testerman.

"Todd worked really hard this week and he finally put everything together," said Larry Willens, Buds coach.

The Buds finish their three-game road trip tonight with a 7:30 match in Oakland.

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