Give Boot to Shoe Quotas

I hope that President Reagan has good taste in shoes. Regarding the "Shoes Quotas a Costly Idea to Save Jobs" (June 17), it is economically unrealistic for an American to have to pay twice as much for shoes if the International Trade Commission's "novel import quota idea for the shoe industry" is adopted, for the United States to spend $50,000 to $80,000 to save each employee's $14,000 average wage, and to have the U.S. Customs Service or another agency or the President decide from what country shoes will be imported.

If, for example, Italy lost the bid for "the right to bring foreign shoes into the country," we, the people, will have lost our choice of shoes to buy in the market.

ITC Chairwoman Paula Stern twice pointed out the decisions that would have to be left to the President: ". . . how exactly the quota system would work" and ". . . the effect of the quotas on the consumer. That is the job of the President."


South Pasadena

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