Charlton Heston, who has gotten his feet...

Charlton Heston, who has gotten his feet wet in TV by starring in several TV movies and miniseries, is making the jump into a series. He's been signed for the John Forsythe role in "Dynasty II: The Colbys." Heston will portray Jason Colby, patriarch of the California-based Colby family, which is due to be introduced to viewers in the fall.

Walter Cronkite will report on how close the United States has come to using nuclear weapons since World War II in "Hiroshima Plus 40 Years . . . And Still Counting," a CBS News documentary set to air July 31. The program includes interviews with former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon, with Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger and three of his predecessors, among others.

As Webster's uncle, Ben Vereen tried but wasn't able to adopt the little boy as his own. But now he's getting a chance to play father to Emmanuel Lewis in "Lost in London," a TV movie for CBS, with Lynne Moody as Vereen's wife. As on "Webster," Vereen and Lewis will sing and dance together.

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