Times Series on Arab World

Because there have been so few journalistic attempts to honestly and fairly describe the Arabs of the Middle East, David Lamb's article deserves careful reading and serious discussion. On second and third reading I still did not find any serious error of commission.

But I would like to add these comments: (1) Viewing the Middle East as lacking world power because it lacks cannons in numbers and no longer controls the sale of oil is a narrow superpower definition. (2) The Middle East is an Arab world where sooner or later (depending upon how long they wish to suffer) Israel must learn to live with its neighbors on terms other than that of their own making. (3) There is ample evidence that Arab-Americans in the last 10 years have developed political clout and effective national organizations that have made rapid progress in influencing U.S. policy in the Middle East.


Los Angeles

Cano is president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Assn. of Arab-Americans.

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