Coyotes Still a Threat to Pets

I am writing to you regarding the article on June 23 titled, "Claremont Closes Lid on Coyotes."

I don't know where this William Wirty II gets his information, but the only thing in Claremont that has improved, with reference to the coyotes, is the toppled-over trash cans on pick-up days.

I live at Padua and Baseline, in a built-up residential area. There isn't a night that goes by that we are not awakened by the howling of packs of coyotes. They run down the back of our house where there is a horse trail.

Three weeks ago, I was awakened by a coyote in my backyard. He jumped two 5 1/2-foot fences and attacked our little dog. I ran out back and saw him carry our pet over the fence. If this is improvement, I'd rather go back to letting the coyotes eat our trash than finding them in my yard going after my pets.

Kathy Armstrong


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