women's image

Enough! My mounting irritation at the piteous whining of women about women's image peaked with the nit-picking of Miselle Barnes (Letters, June 16) . I say stop worrying about image. Show what you can do by doing. Assert or rebel when you must, but stop whining.

I'm not a man. I'm a 71-year-old woman and asserted myself long before it was fashionable. I bobbed my hair, drove a car, wore men's pants, continued an interrupted education, established a business, traveled alone--besides being a wife, mother and grandmother--without "movement," "image" or "identity" problems and without antagonizing anyone. I had good male friends without compromising myself. When necessary, I voiced disagreement or objection. I did this unhampered by "image" or the Man-versus-Woman-domain question.

The whining may be due to what some women consider as fair from one point of view. I say either show your mettle or retreat to the kettle of fish you are overcooking and wallow in the mess. I've had it!

P. Tomassone


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