Recalls School Days

It was a relatively small item, just 10 paragraphs in the Hot Property column (Aug. 11) that Hollywood Professional School and adjacent property would be auctioned off. It was sad to read not only of the prospective sale but to learn of the passing of Mrs. Mann, the guiding force of HPS.

When HPS closed, something changed for all of us who sat in those small, old chairs in the small, hot classrooms being taught reason and logic by teachers who we knew were over 65-years-old, were underpaid by any measure--teachers who taught for the joy of teaching. We thought then that we weren't gaining much at HPS. Many of us realize now how very wrong we were.

What we gained from those dedicated teaches was the collective measure of the teaching experiences of their lives. It was wisdom. Looking back today, I realize that my years at HPS were productive and worthwhile, much more than "putting in time" for college credits.

I am sure that those 30 students who graduated with me in the class of 1971, and those who came before and those that followed, have the fondest memories of HPS and realize now that while we may have missed the large social and sports events at a public school, we came away with a feeling of respect and an intangible happiness for having attended HPS.

What we gained, I hope, was wisdom in a small, non-institutional setting which inspired and encouraged mutual respect between teacher and student. Many, if not most of us, did not know at the time the value of the lessons that our teachers were trying to instill in our minds and hearts. I am sure most of us understand now.



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