2 Donors Give Man a Heart and Kidney

United Press International

A 51-year-old man has become the first person in the world with transplanted organs from two donors, a spokesman for the University of California, San Francisco, said Friday.

Louis Bonesio, who underwent a heart transplant operation at the Stanford University Medical Center 11 years ago, received a new kidney at the university in San Francisco three weeks ago, officials disclosed.

Dr. Nicholas J. Feduska, a transplant surgeon, said that Bonesio has made "a dramatic recovery" from the kidney operation and that his new kidney "is doing beautifully."

Feduska said the second transplant demonstrates that patients with a series of life-threatening diseases can benefit from multiple organ transplants.

The surgeon said Bonesio, semi-retired and the father of two teen-agers, was expected to be released from the hospital on Saturday and to return to his home in Gilroy, Calif.

University officials said that, since Bonesio's heart transplant in 1974, teams have performed combined heart-lung, heart-liver and one heart-kidney transplant but that the organs in each case came from the same donor.

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