One last word on the Disney controversy ("Team Disney--Flying High in Burbank," by David T. Friendly, July 28): Gary Kanofsky, in his letter Aug. 18, misses the same point as Michael Eisner & Company.

The seven letters that appeared in Calendar (Aug. 4, 11) opposing the current activities at Walt Disney Productions were clear in their underlying message: Disney is not just a movie studio, and the Disney consumer expects more than just films from Disney; there is a great deal more to the overall Disney concept and tradition than movie making.

I don't think any of the writers doubt that Eisner will be able to turn Disney into a high-profit motion picture factory; the question is, does he have any interest in maintaining the integrity of the Disney image while so doing?

In his first year at Disney, Eisner has given a number of interviews. Not once has he made any mention of Walt or Roy Disney. If this is not iconoclastic, I would like to hear from Kanofsky what is.

As for Kanofsky's belief that Disney will soon be turning out a product true to the "dreams and legacy of Walt Disney," I find it doubtful that Eisner, Wells, Katzenberg, et al., who are so loathe to even acknowledge Walt Disney's existence, are the least bit concerned about the Disney tradition, or for that matter, the Disney customer.



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