Hiring of AIDS Researcher

This is in response to your editorial (Aug. 21) on my use of Dr. Paul Cameron as a temporary AIDS researcher.

The message is--should we take prudent action to protect the nation's blood supply by denying to male homosexuals the ability to donate blood? The messenger is myself.

Some people who do not want to discuss the message, or the reason for the message, are seeking to attack a temporary consultant, retained for one month only, who provided advice to the messenger.

The ruse is often used in debate, politics and the politics of journalism, namely, to avoid defending a position on the merits of the message, shoot the messenger.

I intend to keep the focus on the message, protecting the nation's blood supply with rational steps. Your readers will want to know that this policy has already been adopted in Australia (December, 1984) and Great Britain (March, 1985).

I have much compassion and empathy for the plight of AIDS victims. We should spend what is necessary to hopefully find a cure for this fatal disease. In the meantime, prudent steps to protect the nation's blood supply should be taken.


Member of Congress

39th District


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