home to ho-hum?

To each his own, but enough is enough! At least you could balance your magazine by including one real home for every unreal one you feature. I’m referring to your June 9 issue, pages 32-33, “Luxury of Space and Light.” Please quit trying to convince us that anyone actually lives in this type of austere sterility.

Do you see that heavy marble ox posed on the counter? I’d hate for it to fall on my toe or have to move it every time I needed access to the serving bar. And speaking of serving, drinks and food must all be white or clear, lest a guest dare drop a smidgen on those lily-white settees. And as for that staircase, I challenge a sober adult to negotiate it unharmed, much less a sleepy, tipsy one--or, heaven forbid, a child.

Please remember that Southern California is full of active families; we need practical, usable, comfortable, livable suggestions. Otherwise, Home magazine will soon become Ho-Hum magazine.

M. Johnson



S. Dobbs

Santa Ana