Woman Rams Car Bomb Into Lebanon Post

Associated Press

An 18-year-old Shia Muslim woman rammed a suicide car bomb with 660 pounds of TNT into an Israeli-backed militia’s checkpoint in south Lebanon today, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party said.

The party’s statement claimed responsibility for the blast and said it killed 18 militiamen of the South Lebanon Army and two Israeli intelligence officers.

But in Tel Aviv, Israeli military sources said two militiamen were wounded and only the suicide driver was killed.

The Syrian party is waging a campaign to create a Greater Syria in the region and to drive Israeli influence out of Lebanon.

Blew Up at Checkpoint

The white Toyota blew up at a checkpoint near the village of Hasbaya about 10 miles north of the Israel-Lebanon border, Israeli sources in Tel Aviv said.


The Syrian party identified the driver as Mariam Kheireddine, a Shia from the small hamlet of Doris in the Syrian-controlled Bekaa Valley.