Seniors’ Housing Plan Questioned : Children’s Game Helpful to Parents

I was pleased to read of the creativity of Nancy Cowardin, who has made a board game intended to teach children about sexual abuse. (“Pleasant Game Confronts Harsh Issue,” Southeast/Long Beach sections, Sept. 8). Still, this new “What If” game, on the shelves since Aug. 9, isn’t so easy to get, since it’s available only in Whittier and Pasadena.

Some might think sexual abuse is too serious to be made a game, but how else is a 5-year-old child going to learn how to resist--by going to Sexual Awareness Seminars?

I’m sure most parents try their best to caution their children, but the attention span of children with games is a little longer than with advice from mom and dad.

It’s good to know that I can buy a game which doesn’t just entertain, but also teaches my children important principles.