Brass Not Amused by 56 Toll Calls : ‘Dial-a-Porn’ Keeps Navy Ringing for Sexy Message

Times Staff Writer

Top Navy officials at North Island Naval Air Station are not amused by the disclosure that during one 24-hour period in July some military personnel used Navy phones to make 56 calls to a “dial-a-porn” service.

Part of the problem is that the Navy doesn’t know exactly who made the calls, which cost $2 each, for a tab of $112.

Because of military paper work, it took two months for the phone bill to filter down to the 350-person Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department, from which the calls were made.

No Confessions

After finding out about the so-called “eargasm” calls last week, Navy officials called a special meeting of department personnel Friday.

“But no one ‘fessed up,” said Ken Mitchell, North Island base spokesman. “So we passed a hat around and everyone chipped in to pay the bill.”


The money raised from the contributions was used to buy a money order made out to the U.S. Treasury.

The “dial-a-porn” service consists of a one-minute recorded message in which a woman with a sexy voice describes a sexual encounter, often involving fantasies with the caller.

Mitchell says an investigation is continuing in an effort to identify the culprits, whose punishment would consist of “counseling.”

May Lock Phones

In addition, the Navy is considering placing locks on the department’s telephones, which are available to anyone who wants to use them.

“Basically, we think it was a one-time incident, because all the calls were made in one day. We think someone got the number and passed it around without people realizing there was a $2 charge per call,” Mitchell said.

“However, that doesn’t make it right,” he added.