She Flirts With Best Friend’s Husband

Question: Please help me handle a sticky situation. One of my wife’s best friends has been going through an ugly divorce. She has so many ups and downs that she is constantly in and out of our house seeking advice and comfort.

The last couple of weeks there have been some subtle changes in this woman’s behavior toward me. It took a few times for me to realize that she was coming on to me. She’s an attractive woman who could probably do very well if she’d get back into the dating scene.

She knows I’m happily married, so what do you suppose is going on? To risk losing the most supportive friend she could ever have (my wife) is crazy. I’m sure you’ll agree that she’s screwed up--the question is what to do about her.

Answer: It sounds as though you are a nice, safe target for your wife’s friend, on which to practice a little flirting without having to face any consequences.

Don’t take her too seriously, but do encourage her to meet new people and socialize in mixed groups whenever possible. Use humor to defuse the situation if you continue to feel uncomfortable.


This woman is fortunate to have your wife as a friend, just as your wife is blessed in having such a sensitive, caring spouse.