Saudi Arabia Justice Called Model for U.S.

Our present criminal justice system does not work and there is an urgent need to restructure it. If it worked, we would not have repeat offenders committing murders, assaults and robberies. How many more times do we have to hear about a parolee killing someone, or a “minor” offender, getting away just to continue with his murder spree?

It would perhaps be worthwhile to focus our attention to places where justice system has been effective in controlling crimes. One such place is Saudi Arabia. A criminal in Saudi Arabia pays the price for his or her crime. If one steals, he loses his hands. If one murders, he gets a death penalty. It is that simple, but it works! People there do not have to lock their doors, carry guns or be scared to walk in the dark.

If their justice systems sound brutal and barbaric, is it not brutal for someone to walk in your home, kill your spouse while you are sleeping, then assault you and put you through the most inhuman torture that you can imagine, while the intruder enjoys his “game.”

Is it not barbaric for youth gangs in high schools to influence your children with drugs and criminal activity and deprive them of the privilege of education.


The success of a justice system depends on the severity of punishments imposed and public demonstration of it. Naturally, we have failed in establishing the proper threshold and now is the time to change it.


Culver City