Leader of Reputed Drug Ring Arrested

Associated Press

The reputed mastermind of “Funktown USA,” believed by law enforcement officials to be the biggest and most violent drug ring in Oakland history, has been arrested on charges that could bring him a 135-year prison term and a $2.2-million fine.

Federal agents and Oakland police announced the arrest of reputed Funktown boss Harvey Whisenton, 26, at an East Oakland auto body shop that allegedly was a front for heroin sales estimated to gross thousands of dollars a week.

Federal officials said Funktown had contracted with the Black Guerrilla Family prison gang for “enforcement control” of local turf. Whisenton was booked on charges of selling cocaine and heroin.

Taken into custody for investigation of conspiracy to distribute, and distributing heroin and cocaine, were three other alleged members of the gang, which has been linked to at least three Oakland murders