Meese's View of Miranda Rule

Your editorial about Meese, although accurate, is not complete.

The details of your comments cover the manifestation but not the psychology, the attitude.

If we start, as it seems that Meese does, with the premise that the police are omnipotent then all that he speaks about becomes true. The idea that there can not be many suspects that are not guilty portrays that attitude.

If we start with the idea that all that "I" think is right then his direction becomes the only one, for there is no room for error. There are many stories of atrocities based on the premise that a uniform (symbol of authority) cannot be questioned. It may be that 6 million Jews attest to that.

The attitude portrayed by the words carry beyond Meese, for as a personal adviser to the President we must then accept that Ronald Reagan is another that thinks like Meese, for he speaks through him.

You end your editorial by saying that "this man is a menace" and I would like to change that to, "those men are menaces."


Beverly Hills

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