Craxi’s Coalition Government in Italy Revived, Vote of Confidence Ordered

Associated Press

Italy’s president used a rarely invoked constitutional procedure today to revive Premier Bettino Craxi’s coalition government, which fell over its handling of the Achille Lauro hijacking.

President Francesco Cossiga, during a half-hour meeting with Craxi, rejected the Socialist leader’s 2-week-old resignation and told him to seek a vote of confidence for the coalition in Parliament.

The move had been expected after the five parties in the coalition patched up their differences Wednesday and adopted a tougher policy toward the Palestine Liberation Organization.

The constitutional procedure, used only four times before, was possible because the president accepted Craxi’s resignation with “reserve,” meaning it was not official until a new government was formed.


Craxi told reporters there would be no changes in his Cabinet. He said he would seek a vote of confidence Monday.