Yaroslavsky in Another Kind of Race in New York

Los Angeles City Councilman Zev Yaroslavsky likes to say that as an athlete he is more persistent than gifted.

Persistence paid off for Yaroslavsky Sunday in New York City, where the 36-year-old councilman finished his first marathon in 4 hours and 12 minutes.

Yaroslavsky finished 8,887th out of 15,752 runners who completed the 26.2-mile road race through New York’s five boroughs. He finished two hours after men’s champion Orlando Pizzolato.

The councilman, who represents the Westside’s 5th District, said he fulfilled a long-time dream by finishing the race, while picking up some tips that might help Los Angeles plan for its own marathon March 9.


Yaroslavsky competed in track and cross country at Fairfax High School but gave up running soon after graduation. He picked up the sport again three years ago.

Other runners in New York complained about the high temperatures during the race, but Yaroslavsky said his Los Angeles roots left him well prepared.

“I ran 20 miles in 90-degree Santa Ana (winds) here in September as part of my training,” he said. “So this was piece of cake.”