Sharing With 'Little Guys'?

Whenever we see a headline such as "Chrysler Profit Sets Record for Quarter" (Oct. 29), we should eventually expect to read somewhere that "Chrysler is now making money but Lee Iacocca doesn't want to share the profits with the little guys."

In what part of this world, in what age under a capitalistic system did the "big guys" agree to share the profits with the "little guys?"

It is unfair to devalue the image of Iacocca or any other businessman because he has played the rules of the game in a system that has been in effect for hundreds of years.

Men like Iacocca invest large amounts of capital and take great risks, along with shareholders, not knowing for sure if that investment will be returned or pay off with profits and dividends. Any objections to this system that has become the American way of life calls for a devaluation not of the man but of the capitalistic system itself and its replacement by a better system if there is one.


Beverly Hills

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