Ancient Pakistani Civilization Uncovered

Associated Press

Artifacts of an ancient civilization that flourished for 5,000 years in northwestern Pakistan have been unearthed along with hundreds of human and animal figurines of a high quality, state-run Pakistan Television said Friday.

French archeologists discovered the artifacts and the remains of many mud brick buildings near Manighat in Baluchistan Province, it said. The civilization was established in the neolithic era around 7,000 BC. and developed and flourished until about 2,000 BC.

It said the archeologists had uncovered graves, tools, pottery and thousands of other artifacts. The finds were of particularly high quality and gave an excellent view of the evolution of a civilization, the television said.

Several prehistoric civilizations flourished in what is now Pakistan. There are extensive remains at Moen Jo Daro in the south of the country and Taxila in the north.

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