Buoyed by Sudan’s Moves on Security, U.S. Is Sending Key Aide There

From Reuters

The United States said Friday that it is encouraged by Sudanese efforts to improve security in Khartoum following an official U.S. warning that terrorists posed a threat to Americans there.

The assessment came as a senior official, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Chester A. Crocker, planned to visit Khartoum for talks with government officials Monday.

“His trip underlines the importance we attach to the maintenance of viable relations with Sudan,” State Department spokesman Charles Redman told reporters.

Redman said the State Department is “encouraged by progress” on the security climate in the capital.


Angola Talks Expected

Crocker is at present in Cairo. Redman said Crocker is also expected to have talks with Angolan officials shortly.

In an official notice last November, the State Department advised Americans to avoid the Sudanese capital because of “the presence in Khartoum of known terrorists, and possible threats to U.S. interests.”

The State Department also said it was reducing the number of American officials in the Sudanese capital.


The moves were linked to concern over an influx of Libyans following the overthrow last April of Sudanese President Jafaar Numeiri, a friend of the United States.

Military leader Gen. Abdul-Rahman Suwar Dahab has sought better ties with Libya, long accused by Washington of supporting international terrorism.