LETTERS TO THE EDITOR : Candidate Attacked on Chinese Issue

According to a story that ran in the San Gabriel Valley section on Dec. 8, Frank J. Arcuri said that:

"The title 'Monterey Park the All-American City' is a joke. We're anything but an All-American City. We're the new West Coast Chinatown that discriminates against American shoppers by putting its business signs in a language that only a few understand."

Apparently Arcuri has taken it upon himself to speak for all of Monterey Park. In his eyes, the Chinese are not American and Monterey Park has too many Chinese to be All-American. Now that he has announced his candidacy for the City Council, it is not surprising that Arcuri is taking advantage of the anti-Chinese sentiments in Monterey Park to help him embark on a political career.

I think the measure to limit the Chinese signs (no matter how differently worded) should be put on the ballot. If Chinese voters do not rise as one and with the help of other fair-minded residents defeat the measure convincingly, then they deserve what they get.

The English language needs no declaration to be "official." All immigrants should learn and be proficient in English and all official election materials should be in English only. But that gives no one the right to interfere with the right of free speech of another citizen. The issue is not the saving of the English language. It is one of discrimination. If such blatant racism is not thoroughly exposed and soundly thrashed, similar proposals will surely follow in other communities.



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