California Seat Belt Law

Now that we have a new seat belt law, we hope there will be thousands more people remembering to buckle up. It is obvious that seat belts were invented and installed by men, because they do not allow for a woman's anatomy. All the ones I have seen have a strap that comes from the side frame of the car, across shoulder and bosom, and down to the seat.

The reason I usually did not use my seat belt was that it was painful to have it press tightly across my bosom. So I invented a device to alleviate this discomfort.

As an inventor I've learned that the world is very unkind to inventors. (I have a couple of useful, needed inventions that never got past the prototype stage because of difficulties in production; patenting is hard, too.) So, I have no intention of trying to produce and sell this device, but instead will describe it, so that women can make their own.

Take a 7-inch piece of strong tape, (such as that used for a belt or a camera strap), zig-zag the ends and sew Velcro onto each end. After you fasten your seat belt, wrap this tape around both the lap belt and the shoulder belt, and slide it along until it is approximately over the diaphragm.

Voila! No painful restriction of the breast, and yet the seat belt is not impaired in any way. I've made some for gifts for lady friends. Happy driving.



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