Prop. 13 Friends Must Refurbish for Fairness

Regarding Dick Turpin's column on Proposition 13, I would like to make the following observations:

1--Alex Pope is quoted as saying "those in the majority are now paying three, four and even five times as much in property taxes as those who have not" purchased a home since 1978. Thus, according to Mr. Pope, most homes have increased 200% to 400% in taxable value in the last seven years. This is in contrast with the large graph on the same page clearly showing that the average home in Southern California has increased only 43% since 1979. Who is Mr. Pope trying to kid?

2--Mr. Pope says he is particularly concerned about the damaging effect Proposition 13 is having on young families trying to buy their first homes.

It seems clear that Mr. Pope would like to help young home buyers, not by lowering their taxes, but by raising their parents' property taxes. He does not suggest lowering taxes on new homes. He seems to be advocating increased property taxes on homes not sold since 1978.

This would be "fair" in the same way that cutting off of everyone's leg is the way to be "fair" to people who only have one leg. Mr. Pope advocates the fairness of everyone being equally miserable.



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