Truck Fuel Economy Standards Proposed

Associated Press

The government on Wednesday proposed setting fuel economy requirements for 1988 and 1989 model light trucks at levels that are equal to or more restrictive than mileage standards for the current model year and 1987.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proposed setting mileage requirements for auto makers' 1988 light truck fleets at a level between 20.5 miles per gallon and 22 m.p.g. For 1989 trucks, it proposed that the mileage standard be somewhere between 20.5 m.p.g. and 22.5 m.p.g.

For the 1986 model year, carmakers' light truck fleets are required to average 20 m.p.g, and for 1987, they must average 20.5 m.p.g. The standards cover pickup trucks, vans and utility vehicles with gross vehicle weight ratings of up to 8,500 pounds.

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