Shaklee's Valuable Legacy

The Times has a reputation for presenting both sides of a story. May I balance the report in the Sunday, Jan. 26 Business section, titled, "The Old Regime is Back at Shaklee"?

These are some important contributions of Forrest C. Shaklee Sr. to mankind.

- Nutritional awareness and safe effective nutritional products. How many Americans were aware in 1915, the date of Shaklee's first food supplement, of the link between nutrients in the food they ate and their health? (A recent poll shows that 50% of Americans now use food supplements.)

- Environmental concern and environmental awareness. "Living in harmony with nature" was Shaklee's expression of environmental concern long before the public was aware of the need for environmentally safe products. (Basic-H, his first biodegradable household cleaner, was developed in the early 1960s.)

- Economic opportunity and greater awareness of the free enterprise system. Many thousands of individuals regardless of where they live, their race, creed or color receive part or all of their income from sales of Shaklee products. Thousands have been able to build their own business without a capital investment.

- Sound philosophical principles applicable to our lives. How many companies on the New York Stock Exchange have a philosophy of the golden rule, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you"? Forrest C. Shaklee continually taught distributors, "first help others to get what they need and want and then you will be rewarded."


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