R.H. Estates : Surplus Land Agreement

The City Council this week directed the city staff to work up an agreement between the city and the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District that will give the city title to 10 acres of school district property at Highridge Road and Whitley Collins Drive.

The property, which the city has leased for 10 years and has developed into Highridge Park, is part of a 36-acre parcel identified by school district officials as surplus. The remaining 26 acres are vacant.

In return for the gift, the city will allow the development rights of the entire parcel to be transferred to the 26 vacant acres, which the school district intends to sell.

The entire parcel is zoned for a planned community development that would allow two units per acre, but under the agreement 2.77 units per acre could be built on the 26 acres.

The agreement will become effective in May, said Planning Director Stephen A. Emslie. He said district officials will begin the sale process soon afterward.

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