Responsibility for Kitchen Clients

The story about the bums and Sister Michele’s house of Yahweh really bothered me. The good sister feeds the bums who then litter the city of Lawndale with themselves and their excretions.

Doesn’t she offer them the use of the men’s room, too? Restaurants usually offer the privacy of a toilet and wash basin for their patrons. If the food is free, does that mean you don’t deserve the dignity of a place to go to relieve yourself?

The sister’s heart may be in the right place, but anybody knows that if you feed the birds you attract many more then normally live there. And, if you make it too easy, the bird gets dependent on you and then it doesn’t fend for itself. You are then responsible for it. But Sister Michele seems to think that the city of Lawndale should be responsible.

If Sister Michele wants to help the poor, let her set up a pay-back of services, or charge a nominal fee for the food. Let her keep her house open 24 hours to provide for restrooms and shelter. Or let her move to a Catholic facility such as Mt. St. Mary’s where the patrons can have the run of the place so my neighborhood doesn’t get the burden of her charitable works that are taking on the characteristics of a cult.




(Editor’s note: The House of Yahweh provides restrooms to patrons during its operating hours, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.)