Amidst reshuffling at Lucasfilm comes reports that the Official "Star Wars"/Lucasfilm Fan Club is being disbanded.

Not true, alleged Lucasfilm senior vp Sidney Ganis.

He admitted that fan-club staffers have been among those people laid off by Lucasfilm. But, he stressed, "someone" will continue the club (biggest in the world, with more than 100,000 members).

Will that "someone" work in-house (per the exiting staffers)? "I don't know."

The changes have to do with "us concentrating on film production and streamlining the business."

He added: "But the fan club exists and will continue to exist--at least in the foreseeable future. Through thick and thin, we will remain loyal in our way to our fans."

Speaking of departures, Ganis also is exiting. On Tuesday, he begins work at Paramount as head of worldwide marketing. George Lucas is said to be staying aboard Lucasfilm.

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