Sales, Building of Apartments in San Diego Up

San Diego apartment sales and construction in January, 1986 outperformed the same period in 1985, according to the John Burnham and Co. monthly San Diego County apartment report.

Burnham's figures show that 121 apartment buildings with 1,635 units changed hands in January, 1986, a 9% increase over the 111 buildings with 2,446 units that were transferred in January, 1985. These figures also show an increasing interest by investors in apartments with fewer units.

At the same time, new construction permits for 970 units totaled $31,421,816, a jump of 64% from the 596 units valued at $19,106,120 last year.

And, in a reversal from 1985's year-long slump, this January's new-condominium construction permit figure of $26,069,934 was up 25% over the $20,832,827 of January, 1985.

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